The Davis Democratic Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to advancing Democratic candidates and principles.  If you wish to make a difference, please join us in our work together and give a much needed donation in this COVID-19 era.



Club officers are elected for a two-year term and the term of office for the current Board is expiring.  Consequently, all offices of the DDC are up for election, which will occur at a future General Meeting of the Club to be announced.  (Under the unusual circumstances of COVID, I anticipate that this election meeting will be held in spring and conducted by Zoom.)  The Club Offices and the current office holders are listed in the page 2 side bar of the DDC Newsletter which is posted on this website

All Club Members are invited to nominate other members for election to these offices and to vote in the forthcoming election.  If you wish to nominate a Club Member for election to any office, please contact Bob Bockwinkel (530-219-1896).

As a separate matter, the Board welcomes your participation.  2022 promises to be a pivotal election in determining our country’s future making your participation vital.  If you wish to make a difference in the outcome of these elections, please consider joining the Board; contact Bob Bockwinkel to discuss the opportunities. 

(see Calendar for updated information)