About Us

The Davis Democratic Club is an official Democratic Party organization in Yolo County. Quite simply, we “keep the lights turned on” during non-election years and have everything in place to hit the ground running during critical election years. Please join us.

The Club naturally serves as the volunteer base in Yolo County during political campaigns. Throughout the year, the Club host numerous special events and activities, including a Champagne Brunch, 4th of July booth, Yolo County Fair booth, Fall Barbecue, and Holiday Party. The Club publishes a monthly newsletter highlighting local political activities and events.  Board meetings are usually scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise noted. You are invited to attend these meetings.  The Club is administered by a Board of Directors. Club  members, who wish to become more actively involved, are invited to consider volunteer opportunities as a board member.

Board Members

  • President: Stephen Souza
  • Vice President: Rick Gonzales
  • Treasurer: Ameer Alsawaf
  • Recording Secretary: G Richard Yamagata
  • Corresponding Secretary and Publicity: Giles Giovinazzi
  • Membership: Gary Hopkins
  • Newsletter: Carl Schmid
  • Appointed Members:  Jan Agee,  Bob Bockwinkel, Linda Deos, Jonathon Howard,  Bob Marr
  • Ex Officio:  DCD [current President], Bull Julian, Jim Provenza, Bob Schelen