Yolo County Fair: Volunteer to Meet and Greet the Public in Political Outreach: The DDC will staff the Democratic Party  booth on Sat. Aug 20, noon to 8:00 pm at the County Fair.  This is a fun opportunity to interact with the public while advancing Democratic ideas.  To volunteer for a 2 hour shift contact Bob (530-219-1896) or Rick (530-758-2331).

Special Campaign Contribution Program:  Help make a difference

As announced in the July Newsletter, the DDC will contribute to closely contested races in other California Congressional Districts and for Senate seats in other states.  By changing the outcome in a few targeted elections, we can hold the House and increase our Senate majority. Our track record in making such targeted contributions is demonstrated by our 2020 campaign contributions to Senators Raphael Warnock, Mark Kelly, and Jon Ossof. You are invited to increase the impact of your campaign contributions by contributing to this program thereby effectively “bundling” your political donations with the Club’s support.   Anyone wishing to donate to the DDC Campaign Fund please note on your check that the donation is for “DDC Campaign Fund”.  You can also make these donations through Act Blue on the Club’s website.